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Re: Which Sci-Fi shows have aged the best?

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No one has mentioned Stargate SG-1 yet. Aside from the big ass CRT monitors in the control room in the first few seasons, there are relatively few things that are dated.
Well, Carter's defensive feminism in the original cut of the SG-1 pilot movie was already dated at the time it came out, though it's been removed from the more recent special edition.

I think it's hard to say something is dated when it's actually set in the same time that it aired. It reflects the designs, fashions, and attitudes of the era when it took place, and that fits just fine. I think that saying a work of science fiction is dated means saying that its portrayal of the future or of speculative science and technology are based on outmoded assumptions. Like a far future where women are all housewives or secretaries, Venus is a jungle planet with dinosaurs, tobacco use is considered healthy, and computers are still based on vacuum tubes.
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