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Re: Does It Get Better???

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"The renting era"

Do you mean physically going to a shop, or does payperview-streaming count as still the renting-era, I know you were talking about your own personal era, but I can see this being a reference to the development as us as a society no different than the pushbutton-age or the tvdinner-age.

The only movies I haven't seen are Lethal Weapon 1 and Top Gun.

I have seen every other movie ever made.
And I believe you.

I have seen about half of Top Gun, I was trapped somewhere when it was on.

I mean the rental era of physically going to a shop. I never paid for any streaming, I don't know if we even have that kind of thing.

A lot of my huge gaps in movies/tv I blame on rewatching. I'm a cud chewer. I've had to drag myself off my rewatching Trek kick to watch new stuff, I'm doing Farscape next

I spent the video era immersed in these:

I've got that, several different copies of THX-1138, the first two seasons of TOS, V and Dinotopia on video, everything else I've given away.

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