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Re: Is it smart to have families on the Enterprise-D?

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You're a low-ranking ensign on the Enterprise assigned to an away mission on a never-before visited planet. The rest of the away team consists of senior officers.
"Away team?" No. That's a TOS trope you're describing, so the phrase you want is "landing party."

Let's see, just for the heck of it, here are all the known Enterprise-D fatalities during TNG:

"Lonely Among Us": Engineer Singh, aboard ship
"Heart of Glory": Two security guards, aboard ship
"Skin of Evil": Tasha Yar, away mission
"Where Silence Has Lease": Haskell, conn officer, on bridge
"Q Who": 18 unnamed personnel, aboard ship
"The Bonding": Marla Aster, A&A officer, away mission
"The High Ground": Three unnamed crew, aboard ship
"The Best of Both Worlds": 19 crew dead or missing after Borg attack
"The Loss": Marc Brooks, unspecified accident (referenced)
"In Theory": Engineer Van Mayter, aboard ship
"Disaster": Conn officer Monroe, on bridge
"Violations": Ensign Keller, in engineering (flashback)
"Ethics": Sandoval, disruptor blast (referenced); Fang-lee, unspecified (referenced)
"Schisms": Hagler, aboard ship (after abduction by aliens)
"Lessons": Science officer Richardson and 7 others, away team
"Descent": Two security guards, away team; security guard Franklin, on bridge
"Gambit": Security guard, away team
"Lower Decks": Sito Jaxa, missing and presumed dead, away mission
"Eye of the Beholder": Engineer Kwan, suicide in warp nacelle
"Genesis": Conn officer Dern, on bridge

So that's 14 fatalities off the ship, 51 aboard ship, and 3 unspecified. Of the off-ship fatalities, only four were known to be security guards, with only one definite security death on an away mission, the far-from-anonymous Tasha Yar, prior to the 6th-season finale. Of the on-ship fatalities, only three were known to be security; but all in all, it looks like for the most part, you had considerably better odds of survival on an away team, not worse. (Although perhaps that's because TNG away teams usually consisted solely of regular characters.)

If anything, it seems that the most dangerous single posting on the ship was the conn, since at least three people died at that station -- plus there's the conn officer Q froze half to death in the pilot, and the conn officer who got sucked out into space in Nemesis, so the whole series is bracketed by conn officers suffering.
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