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Re: More Star Wars films announced

It's all a bit confusing at times, and it's not helped by the lack of advanced prosthetics and CGI creatures in the original film (not counting the Special Edition additions made in 1997) that make the prequels seem more abundant with non-human life forms than the Original Trilogy could afford to show.

Plus, as mentioned before some of the reference materials make Palpatine's New Order seem openly hostile to non-human races and imply that campaigns of discrimination and even enslavement (see the Wookiees) were launched during his reign as Emperor. Yet on the other hand clearly alien characters like Thrawn achieve lofty positions of power and respect within the Empire so Palpatine's campaign of prejudice and discrimination can't have been too extensive.

It's like I said, it's a bit of a mess that's not well explained and to the extent that it is there are contradictions.
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