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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

Hartzilla2007 wrote: View Post
Meanwhile there's really nothing to stop the So'na from sharing their particles with the Dominion
This is after the Dominion War ended, so ...

- Odo has already given the Founders the cure to section 31's engineered sickness.

- The Founders otherwise won't have any personal need for the particles, I believe they are already immoral.

- The Founder care nothing for their solid slaves and subjects.

Hartzilla2007, doesn't that pretty much prevent the Sona from from sharing with the Founders?

And the Son'a would honor this agreement why exactly?
Because they kept their side of their agreement with the Federation in Insurrection, at least until a single starship Captain decided that he would impress a certain blond Baku MILF by making decisions for the entire Federation.

It wasn't the Sona that broke that existing agreement, why would they break a future one?

Considering the scenario covers pretty much what all the battles of the war shown involved ..
Wrong again my friend. Starfleet vessels were routinely shown to take heavy damage that didn't destroy the ship, and didn't kill everyone aboard.

about a again finite (as in runs out) amount of particles.
You mean like the particles "ran out" while they were in orbit of the ring planet?

Oh, that's right, they didn't.

sonak wrote: View Post
it would help by doubling the life-span of your available troops
Also would enable the Federation to rejuvenate long retired experienced personnel, pull them out of retirement.

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