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Re: Does It Get Better???

Cullah's child will have all his mother's smarts and rise through the ranks of the Kazon, eventually uniting them and invading some chunk of the Alpha quadrant using a leftover borg conduit thingie to get there. He will know all about the wonders of the Alpha quadrant from his father's stories and be keen to pillage their technology.

I've never seen any Die Hard films, they lack spaceships so would seem to have no redeeming element for me. Also Bruce Willis is very unattractive, if he was on a space ship I could overlook this (he kinda looks like Garibaldi) but since he just seems to be blowing stuff up I cannot.

There would have been even more pathos if the child had been Chak's and we never saw it again. This would have been a cliffhanger for Chak's whole personality.. and every time someone complained about how wooden he was his fans would point out that he had hardened his heart because his son was far away in the hands of the Kazon. WOUNDED. Damaged. Needing tender care.. it would be sickening. Probably couldn't even go into tumblr without overdosing on emo Chak. Which is what happened to him in Treklit and it was unreadable blergh.

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