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Star Trek: The Video Game

Third person coop shooter. He'll yeah! As much as I love video games and Star Trek, I've never played a Star Trek video game. There's the PC MMO, but I'm not really big in PC games or MMOs. It occurs to me that I'd be extremely excited for an open world (galaxy) third person action game in the Trek universe. Preferably set in the TNG/DS9 time period, but TOS would do.

Normally, games adapted from movie releases are typically terrible. I don't know if it's due to a rushed production schedule, poor budgets a or a combination of those and more, but generally I avoid tem. With that said, I'm not sure if this one is. For one, it releases weeks before this summer's blockbuster. Secondly, I first heard if this during 2011's E3 conference when it won several awards. As this game draws closer to release, I find myself getting more excited for it.

Here are some more vids of gameplay.

Star Trek comes out April 23 on PS3, Xbox, & PC.

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