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Re: My view on a new Trek series.

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I actually do remember someone saying something almost exactly like that at a Trek convention about TNG even before the series was cast. He didn't think an all-new Star Trek TV series could ever work.
There's just a world of difference in where Trek was at in 1987 and where it's at in 2013.

It's not that it 'can't' work, it just has a tougher road to success than TNG. IMO.
Other side of the coin: TV doesnt get high ratings anymore period. A show can be a success with 5 million viewers now. Even lower viewership numbers might support streaming content, the end result is the ST show.

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TNG was the most popular show...
I think that's debatable. It had more viewers in first run but struggled in strip syndication and at the theater in comparison to TOS.

And TOS is more broadly known among the general population.
STNG was a huge success in syndication and an even bigger one on various cable channels, selling for the 100s of millions of dollars each time (the original stripping rights were in the $100 million+ range), its no surprise the overall life in syndication was shorter though, TOS had little competition channel and genre-wise, which cannot be said for post STNG syndication and cable airings.

STNG also gets strong ratings for the cable channels it has aired on(I've posted links on this before) and originally sold for $300 million in it's first network outing. I was surprised to see it still airing on BBC America recently. On Netflix it is described as a "popular" series, located in that category. Both added to Paramount/CBS' coffers.


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