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Re: Requiem for Methuselah (Spoilers)

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"Requiem for Methuselah" takes a lot of heat for certain plot elements: Kirk falls in love very fast (but no faster than I would have!), and he lets himself be thusly distracted when the whole crew are desperate for him to just get back from the drugstore or they're going to die. Like die as in dead.

And he's getting right on that, but first he goes out dancing and he shoots some pool. Real captains get relieved of command for so much less, once HQ hears about it.

Fair enough. But this episode has always been a pleasure for me, for three reasons.

1) Hottest fembot ever. The current Rayna release has 17 university degrees and a huge rack. She is truly the thinking man's sex doll.

2) Tremendous music score. I like the waltz Spock plays, but the real treat here is the selection of love themes tracked in for Kirk's infatuation and Rayna's turbulent awakening.

3) The Enterprise gets miniaturized and put right in the room with us. That was very tantalizing to me as a boy. The way Kirk interacts with the ship, and it "sees" him on the main viewscreen, vividly dramatized the fantasy of boy model builders, that this thing though small is real and full of internal structure and detail.

So on the whole I say, good episode.
You nailed it. Plus, I liked Flint's cape.
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