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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

I didn't find the battles in Star Trek that difficult to follow. However, one can clearly see the difference between the action displayed in Transformers and the one showed in Avatar, for example. One is a convoluted mess that defies comprehension, the other a masterffuly crafted sequence of events that doesn't leave you wondering what the hell just happened... I would rather have action sequences I can follow!

Or does anyone here thinks that James Cameron doesn't how to direct action movies? Or that Avatar had uninteresting action sequences?

Notice both movies were huge financial sucesses, with audiences praising the visual effects. (Btw, this fact flies against the proposed notion that audiences are somehow intelectual...)

I would say JJ stands more or less in the middle. I tend to like his action, though sometimes I do think he exagerates a little. So more Cameron, less Bay, please.


I'm a little dismayed at people criticizing DS9's action sequences (and actors!). Unlike the ones from late TNG and most of Voyager (target weapons, shields at 60%, the enemy has been disabled, blablabla boring), they usually were well crafted and, more importantly, had emotion! You cared about what happened. In the end, that's the most important thing.

For example, in Babylon 5, I hardly cared about the battles of the Shadow War. The battles of the Earth Civil War, on the other hand, had me on the edge of the seat. The emotional stakes were much bigger (fighting against your colleagues and friends instead of misterious aliens). But they were presented in similar ways!
If people only care about the "visual intensity" of battle, then I'm afraid I'm even further away from the average moviegoer.

And to conclude, defending the sorry excuse of a villain that Nero is by saying that most villains in other Star Trek movies were like him, doesn't make it better! It just means the difference between the old and the new wasn't that big. Which happens to be my view. Star Trek 09 is neither better nor worse than the previous movies. It's still full of plot holes and nonsensical stuff. Yes, it was directed in a much modern way. Something which I appreciate. But I really do hope the next one has had some thought in its making. The way the battles were displayed is the least of my problems with the last one!
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