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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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yep. I doubt they cared about the drug supply thing considering the benefits they were getting out of the arrangement. Well, the benefits they would have gotten had Picard not sabotaged the operation and turned the Son'a into outright allies of the Dominion rather than merely suppliers.
Becuase a finite source of magic youth particles really helps with getting shot by a weapon set to kill or being exploded

Meanwhile there's really nothing to stop the So'na from sharing their particles with the Dominion meaning, Yay advantage nullification.

it would help by doubling the life-span of your available troops,
Again not helpful against being blown up, sucked into space, vaporized, or just killed by an energy blast instantly (which is how the kill setting works).

and it would heal most battlefield injuries,
Where in the movie was that ever said, all it did was cure blindness and make everyone younger and it does that temporarily which is probably not a good thing about a again finite (as in runs out) amount of particles.

and heal conditions which would have prevented others from joining the war effort in the first place.
Doesn't federation technology already take care of most of that already

The fact that you brought up about the only scenario in which they WOULDN'T help doesn't exactly negate my argument.
Considering the scenario covers pretty much what all the battles of the war shown involved and probably all the ones not shown as well yes it does, or is Starfleet not usually seen either fighting the Dominion in space battles necessary to get to planets to invade or in ground battles using the kill setting which pretty much insta-kills people aka why its called the KILL setting

As for your second point, I would hope that the UFP would be smart enough to conclude a deal whereby in exchange for giving the Son'a access to the planet, they would agree not to share the particles with the Dominion or their allies.
And the Son'a would honor this agreement why exactly?

I mean hell a lot of the time it looked like the Federation was going to lose why screw over the Dominion when it looks like their going to be in charge in the end?
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