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Re: Does It Get Better???

Cullah took the child and loved it intensely because the woman he loved more than anything in the universe was dead and this is all he had left of her... That was cool. The actor (Anthony De Longis) did a fantastic job in that scene.

Although they really should have taken some time in Shattered to do over Chakotay's paternity if that version of Seska still thought that Chuckles was the father.


Anthony is a not just a stunt man but a fight co-orinator.

In the Masters of the Universe Movie, all the cool sword play at the end, that was him dressed up as Skellitor... This is this second worst under-use of a guy who knows Kung Fu on Star Trek ever.

Have you seen Die Hard 2 recently?

William Saddler, naked, in the opening credits, was like a super ninja and by the final act he totally pulled Bruce Willis apart until McClain blew up a jumbo jet to get him.

That's cheating.
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