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Re: Looking for Avatar Help? Check here!

*Disclaimer: I am a total and utter moron when it comes to computers. Be warned.*

So i found this great pic of Garak, my namesake, after scouring the web. My old avatar got shut down, i got a message from the AutoAdmin telling me. A kind soul really helped me out with that avatar, and i am now looking for another kind soul to take pity on my uselessness.

The pic is here:

Click on "enter" and then "images" and it's the 4th one down on the right hand side, where Garak has the Jem'Hadar eyepiece on. Pretty sharp, eh? So i right clicked on it and did "save target" (thanks to Unicron for that) and now it doesnt come up at all when i click on my desktop, just get a new page with a red x. Am i saving it to the wrong place? What do i do now? Help this poor soul, please!
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