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Re: A Good Day to Die Hard (aka DH5): Grade, Review, Discuss---SPOILER

Die Hard 5 was not a BAD movie, but it was not as good as any of the previous ones at all. I felt like there was an entire third act missing. The Chernobyl part felt like the middle of the story and not the end (minus the deaths). The bad guy's plot was not half as ingenious and cool as the ones in the first four movies. McClaine was a spectator in his own movie.

3-2-1 (all very close together) ... 4 ... 5

I actually just rewatched 4 and it held up a lot better than I thought it would. It's not as good as the first three, but it's pretty good! I saw 3 last night and that one really holds the nostalgia vote for me. It's the one I grew up watching over and as a teenager. I love all the NYC location filming and Jeremy Irons and his plot is the best one in the series, even over Alan Rickman.
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