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Re: So I started with this show...

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The new BSG was probably one of the best science fiction shows ever made and one of the few where people actually acted like people. Most of the people who have problems with it are mainly upset because it is such a different show and they can't accept that.

I really don't know how anyone could think the original is superior in anyway other than by being a fan of goofy kid characters, robot dogs played by chimps and episode after episode of 70s movie ripoffs.
Speaking for myself only, I prefer the original because the characters didn't wallow in emotions all the time. Sure, they had been through the destruction of their society, but, they picked themselves up and got on with the business of living like real people would do.

New Galactica on the other hand, had the characters wallowing in emotions over stuff that happened BEFORE the destruction of the colonies, and never seemed to put anything behind them. That's not "realism", as the producers would have you believe. It's overly emotional nonsense.

That's what turned me off.
It's kind of hard to pick yourself up when your entire civilization has been wiped from the universe and the group that did it is constantly chasing you. It isn't like a cat dying or someone stealing your car. Now maybe the people you know are down for anything and are able to go to a strip club after leaving a funeral, but most people need a little time to deal with it and that's just with the normal grief that most of us encounter. I find the way people behaved on new BSG to be fairly believable, if anything there should have been a little more suicide in the early days after the initial attack. Because if all my family was dead and a bunch of robots were hunting me down,attacking every 33 minutes and I hadn't been able to rest for 5 days, I'd consider it and I don't consider myself to be depressed.
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