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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Cold Front

The return of the plot!

That is the return of the weird time travel plot that didnít make much sense before and after the events of this episode have become even more confuddled. I like the captain of the pilgrim ship hes grumpy and funny and seems like he would be perfectly happy if an accident befell the pilgrims so that he didnít have to ferry them about anymore. He certainly isnít worried about the one that disappeared. I also really like the device that lets you walk through walls shame they couldnít keep it around longer but then it could have very easily become a dues ex machina device also Archer and Trip would no doubt have been using it to play pranks and spy on the female locker room.

I really like Dr Phlox in this episode how much he enjoys learning about and interacting with other cultures really shows and he looks so adorably happy when he gets given the honor of leading the pilgrims in their prayer chant thing.

Silent Enemy

I love this episode. It revisits the idea seen in Flight or Fight, that not every race the Enterprise encounters will want to be friends or even talk and that there is quite a lot of races that humans know nothing about that will be hostile and better armed than Enterprise. This episode handles the idea a bit better imho. Enterprise isnít coming to the rescue of another ship and they arenít gonna have a friendly race show up in the nick of time to save them. Their the ones in trouble and they have to save themselves.

I really love the working relationship/growing friendship that exists between Malcolm and Trip. They clash a bit on how to go about installing the phase cannons but they manage to figure it out in the end. I think the friendship between Trip and Malcolm works better and is a lot more genuine than the friendship between Trip and Archer. Im not sure why I think this but I do.

There are a couple missteps imho. They didnít need to show what the hostile aliens looked like. The scene where they invade Enterprise was tense up til I got a look at how goofy the aliens looked. They were a better threat when they were faceless. Also the subplot about Hoshi being given the job of discovering Malcolms favourite food is silly. They have a communications relay to sort out and are being harassed by a mysterious ship and not only does Archer give the senior communications officer the kinda task usually reserved for an ensign but he makes it priority over sorting out the communications relay. But there were some great scenes out of it. Like Malcolm mistaking Hoshiís attempt to subtly extract the information from him through casual conversation as her expressing an interest in him. Also the end scene where they he discovers the cake is pineapple, his favourite! He has a really nice smile.

I may have started shipping Reed and Hoshi cause of this episode. Anyhow i hereby award Cold Front two and a half stars and Silent Enemy five stars.
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