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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

Having watched the first two Chapters, I am torn. I realize that we need to be inside his head to see the manipulation of Underwood. But the narration really bothers me. It's not as if they could write him talking to characters doing this. That person would know everything about him and could turn on him. But it is very grating that he stops in the middle of a scene and says something to the camera.

After that, Chapter 1 dragged on. I know he's going to oust the guy as soon as he gives the draft to Zoe. Why do I need another 20 minutes of action telling me exactly what I've already figured out.

The second Chapter was much better. I think it shows him as a more powerful and manipulative character (and humbled by his wife). I still haven't figured out if he wants to ruin the President, make his life a living hell, or if he wants to pour salt on his head, so to speak. It is an intelligent series, but this is really dark. I know stuff like this goes on, but I feel like I'm watching a serial murderer in a suit with words as his daggers, slowly skinning his victims alive. It makes my skin crawl. But like a train-wreck, I think I'm hooked, and that's all that matters to Netflix. I have to see where it goes from here.
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