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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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It is still possible to be surprised if you keep your head down a little. Having Oswin turn up in Asylum was a major shock, for me at least.
Yea, I missed that shock, I never worry about "guest Stars" as Spoilers (Though I like to know little else), so, I knew she was going to be in it, but, didn't know anything about her role, and was shocked (and confused) by her fate, since I knew she was to be the new Companion starting in the Christmas Special
I didn't even recognise her, so was totally baffled at all the "wow there's an incredible spoiler we can't mention!" hype... And thus very disappointed by it!
I didn't even recognize her either, I had seen pictures of her when she was first announced as the new companion and that was it, so by Asylum came out I didn't really remember what she looked like.

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