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Re: Things you'd like to say at work from time to time, but hesitate!

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I work in a grocery store, and I love how my customers; not all of them, thank Rassilon; like to think that they're entitled to everything. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to holler: "You f**king annoy me, get the h*ll out of my store before I boot you out." They drive me crazy.
Ditto. There's plenty of time went interacting with customers on the otherside of the counter I just want to shout "TALK!" I swear, interacting with people I'm really beginning to think even though we've been around in this form for nearly 40,000 years human beings haven't quite completely evolved, or grasped, the whole "talking" thing.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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