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Re: NBC's 'Do No Harm' = Biggest Flop in Network TV History!

Whatever the case, I think advertising is better on the internet anyway. As far as hitting a target audience. For instance, I log in using my Google account for Chrome. I see advertisements that appeal to me over what I have clicked. It does the same thing with Youtube videos. It's a little freaky, but I'm more apt to do that then see a commercial for face cream during a 60-minute television show. The advertisers have their day during the Super Bowl and have to deal with generalities the rest of the time. "Our audience is usually 20-35, female. So let's put up the face cream ad." It means that advertisements are not as widely seen, but the person is more likely to buy the product. If I have bought face cream in the past, then it gives me a deal on face cream. That's better advertising.
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