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then the goal might be to survive galaxy collision with Andromeda.
This comment is very revealing. You do realize there will be no physical collision? It will actually be more of a merger and take place over thousands/millions of years. We'll hardly notice it.
Except that the Kelvans are going to be in range. Could be war....

Actually I expected you to chime in on this...and yes it is true that the distances involved are so great that there will likely be few if any physical collisions involved...but our solar system is likely to be effected, in fact ejected to a different part of the galactic halo...and while this might leave us unscathed from interactions in other parts of the collision, I'm expecting or speculating that mankind will be not only on other planets but other parts of the galaxy by that time period(assuming it takes 500,000 years to settle the Milky Way with Von Neumann machines, we could have colonized the Galaxy 4 times over in 2 billion years), and the radiation from a newly created black hole as well as infalling gas from the merger may wreak havoc in other areas we inhabit.

Now if you want to speculate even further into the future, cumulative effects of the merger will eventually destroy the solar system due to gravitic disruption of the neighboring stars..

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