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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Worst Case Scenario

Chakotay brought up the Marquis (it has been so long since they had a mention, I forgot how to spell it and had to look it up). I immediately raised an eyebrow. Chakotay asked B’Elanna which side she would be on when the shooting started…yeah, I am not falling for it. Something “off” is going on! To start with, Chakotay is too smart to ask that question if he did not know the answer, and he definitely did not know the answer. It would be a huge risk otherwise because all she had to do was tell Janeway if she was not with him; Chakotay is too smart to allow this to happen.

Seska is there! Welcome back, it has been far too long!! OH, OH, OH, Neelix would never leave Janeway’s side; not even for Chakotay….not a chance!! Neelix is a bigger Janeway fan than JanewayRulz!

Things become much clearer when we figure out that B’Elanna is in the holodeck living a holodeck novel that she found, but could not figure out who wrote it. Paris talks B’Elanna into letting Paris join her in the novel to figure out the author. HMMMM….my guess is Tuvok. (Keep in mind I write my posts as the show plays) I think Tuvok would make a great candidate. Maybe he wrote this early on as a training security exercise in case anything happened, or there was a problem with the Marquis….it would also be pretty cool if Janeway wrote it, but I am not seeing that. Turns out B’Elanna blabbed to the Doc and now everyone knows about it!

YES, WOOHOO!! When I heard what I suspected affirmed I actually jumped up and down and yelled WOOHOO!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!! It made more sense than anything else!

The scene between Tuvok and Paris was excellent! Their bickering had me in tears. I love the continued story arc between B’Elanna and Paris “Maybe a steamy love seen between the Starfleet con officer and the Maquis engineer…” “Oh yeah, that’s realistic!”

They enter the holodeck, and the moment they engage the program, Seska’s hologram takes over and they have to run. The com system and the transporters are down, and the doors are locked. The power grid is rigged to explode. Janeway’s hologram disintegrates herself trying to fire a phaser. The doctor beats them both up. The Jeffries tubes fill with a plasma leak…on and on with the booby traps that Seska engaged when she happened to come across the program.

Meanwhile, Harry and B’Elana figure out what is going on, and start helping out through the sub-routines. With every piece of helpful news, though, Seska adjusts to re-compensates. A few small items show up to help out. A plasma extinguisher shows up in the Jeffries tube. Messages are sent through the wall panels, but Chakotay appears out of nowhere. Chakotay’s personality gets tweaked, but Seska kills him. The Rucani attack and Tuvok gets the phaser from her. Seska sets off the self-destruct, threatening to blow up the actual ship if they don’t give up. Tuvok passes her the phaser rifle, but when she fires, it disintegrates her the way that it did to Janeway earlier

Great episode, love the whole thing, and I truly appreciate the continuation of the B’Elana Paris thread. I cannot wait to see how they keep that story line going. This is it for today; my turkey is almost done…now, for Thanksgiving Part II!
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