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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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Nonsense, it is usually the negative response that is the knee-jerk panic attack.
Not "usually." Guarded skepticism is the more common response, but is often mistaken as "knee jerk panic attack" by people who find it hard to imagine any reaction other than technophilic rapture.

Mainly that's because the other side of the "knee jerk" coin is "Cool invention! What a great time to be alive!"

Not EVERY technological breakthrough is indicative of the approaching singularity, or even indicative of any sort of revolution in AI/cybernetics technology. Most are actually quite mundane developments of existing technology, and a few are old classes of little-known technology that is finally reaching maturity.

It takes greater care and wisdom to think things through, see what we've done right and where the areas are we can improve and fix, and where the technologies lie that realistically can do these things.
And that long and careful thought process is rarely exhibitted by proponents of singularity theory.

Also, I'm involved with 3-4 organizations that are involved with both political and also popularization of futurism and accelerated change meme.
In other words, drawing pictures and spreading the word. Because hyping future developments is the same thing as helping to bring them about.

If I was younger I'd probably seek to go to the Singularity University, which I think is the most important one in the world for leaders, economists, technologists.
You COULD do that, but you'd probably be better off going to MIT or Cal Tech... you know, a REAL university that produces actual technologists (like, for example, Ray Kurzweill).

Hell, if Singularity University is an option, you're better off going to Devry. At least there you can learn a programming language and actually develop working software apps instead of just spamming threads about how exciting computers are.

unfortunately the people who say we can't do things in the future are the ones who WON'T accomplish anything
Which is all well and good, but the people who hype singularity theory don't accomplish anything either. You may be excited about what you think could be happening in technology these days, but you're not PART of that process any more than we are.
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