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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Zing (nods and winks in full agreement)....

One thing that made me chuckle about the new 12" figures was that they don't have any clear plastic window on the box. It's just an exposed box you can stick your fingers into to touch and fiddle with the figure. I know Hasbro's been on more of an environmentally friendly kick the past year or so with more recycled packaging and less metal and unnecessary plastic (for instance, those old metal twisty-ties that have been the bane of toy collectors for eons are now gone in some product and replaced with soft brown or black elastic ties that have the strength of a large rubber band) in their marketing strategy, but boxes that allow dust and other crap to get inside the packaging and all over the product you're selling was a bit of a surprise. It's one thing with plush, soft toys like the talking Yoda and other dolls, but plastic action figures are almost never treated this way, at least not in the Star Wars line.

I guess even Hasbro realizes how inferior and disposable these new 12" characters are.
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