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Re: That split infinitive we all love...

When I was a youthful man, I bore bruised knuckles for my grammatical mistakes. Back in the days when teachers thought that any straying outside the lines meant a life that would generate chaos in society, rather than order, so they fought hard for students to abide by their lofty albeit misguided principles. They can't do this any longer. The power of the teacher has been plundered, all in the name of freedom.

Today, stalwart languages around the world are being frayed at the edges by the burgeoning youth, a group with a buying power that the consumerism machine beckons. Thus, the grammatical mutations made are tolerated and embraced for the profit making hidden agenda. Therefore... the rules really don't matter any longer. If you bastardize the grammar, you can call it "artistic license" and boldly walk away with indignant pride.
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