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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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I like to assume Arret is the answer - and the "looks-Human" VS "looks-Vulcan" issue can perhaps be explained as different groups descended from the same biracial population, given that Arretians have been confirmed as two species, one Human-like, one Vulcan-like.
For that matter, maybe the Vulcanoid migrants from 40 Eridani met with the Vulcanoids from Rigel and got along famously. A half-million years of divergence probably wouldn't create two reproductively incompatible species.
Yes. If they were more-or-less culturally compatible too, maybe the Rigelian Vulcanoids would even welcome the, er, Minsharan Vulcanoids as a means of boosting their numbers and competing against the tattooed guys and the Chelons (I wonder what sort of racial feuding went on before the establishment of the United Rigel Colonies?)

And of course the RPGs used to suggest Orions were native to Rigel; the modern novel continuity rejects that, but there's still probably a large Orion population (it's a commercially important major trading system near the Orion homeworld; they've probably had tendrils in there for centuries). Plus the human colonists that come with the Federation...Rigel is an interesting place.

Why, oh why, haven't we yet had a series set there?
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