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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aldebaron Colony. Elizabeth Dehner was assigned there before her transfer to the Enterprise in 2265.
B is for Bum. Reed admired T'Pol's.
C is for Chekov. He screamed a lot in the movies.
D is for Deanna Troi. Had a smashing pair of jugs.
D is also for Duras, the most despicable and dishonourable of Klingons.
E is for Excelsior! Sulu's ship.
F is for Farragut. At least two Federation starships we know of bore this name.
G is for Grand Nagus. Ferengi Pope.
H is for Hairy Balls. Tellarites had 'em.
I is for Iconians. Demons of Air and Darkness.
J is for Jimmy. Kirk's nickname as a small boy in both timelines.
K is for Klingon tea drinking ritual.
L is for Long. The Khreetassian rituals Archer had to perform to apologize for Porthos's "misdeeds" were quite long. Long and complicated.
M is for Martok. One eyed Klingon.
N is for Nagilum, the non-corporeal entity that tormented Picard and the Enterprise-D in 2365.
O is for Organian Peace Treaty.
P is for Pardek's duplicity and betrayal of Spock on Romulus.
Q is for Quasar-like phenomenon.
R is for Reman dilithium. It helped power the great Romulan fleet.
S is for Search For Spock's Brain.
T is for Tal, Subcommander and second-in-command aboard the D7 Romulan flagship during the cloaking device incident of 2268.
U is for Universal Armageddon. Which a certain part of Eastern Russia thought had come yesterday.
V is for Very, one of many words that didn't sound right when Chekov pronounced them.
W is for Whiskey; aka Scotch. One of Scotty's favorite things.
X is for Xindi diversity. Humans are bland, one-note primates compared to those guys.
Y is for Yellow. Kirk accused Spock of being yellow to generate a violent emotional response.
Z is for Zek's cane topped with gold-pressed latinum. As Grand Nagus he carried it everywhere he went.
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