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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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More importantly, extracting the particles ignores the one giant elephant in the room: it is instantly turned into a finite resource.
This depends on how persistent the particles are. If they are relatively short lived (short half life), then they must be constantly replaced with particles from the ring planet's sun, or from the Brier Patch. Which means in time the ring would be re-established with new particles, and could be harvested over and over again.

On the other hand, if the particles were long lived, then the Federation and the Sona would have the benefit of their medical properties (for hundreds of BILLIONS of people) for thousands, or even millions of years.

Who gets it?
My impression is that the particles harvested from the ring would be divided between the Federation and the Sona, The division wouldn't necessarily have be equal. The particles were the property of the Federation (just like the planet), so maybe the Sona get one percent for their own use, and the Federation gets ninety-nine percent.

I can see the Sona only wanting to treat themselves and not their entire non-Sona population.

Loaded language like "cure for cancer" completely circumvents the fact it will only be a cure for a select number of people
Admiral: "BILLIONS."

How does anyone decide who has a right to it ...
The rest of the Federation's medical technology isn't going to be disappearing. The particle would be used to treat patients with affections currently untreatable. The particles affected the Baku from thousands of miles away in orbit. A small amount of the particles in containers in major cities on various Federation planets could be used to treat the special cases.

You travel to the closest major medical center, and not thousands of light years to a single out of the way planet for treatment.

The only way to prevent this from happing is to, as you say, find a way to replicate it.
We know that there are things that can't be replicated. Medical treatments and drugs seem to be a specific problem

Ultimately, finding a way to extract the medical application of the particles would only be a matter of time, of which, incidentally, any researcher left to his devices on the planet would have an unlimited supply.
Or ... we can harvest the particle right away and distribute them across the Federation. For the immediate relief of people suffering from various aliments.

I'm sure the many BILLIONS of people helped by the particles will understand the relocation of just six hundred people. I know I would.

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