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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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Where was that amphibian race mentioned in Destiny? I've searched my copies of the manuscript files (which I still have from when I needed them to write Greater Than the Sum), but there's nothing of the sort in the drafts I have. Although something could've been added in revisions.
One of the admirals talking with Seven in Mere Mortals (I think) is amphibious and Rigelian, but his appearance isn't described in any depth. Admiral Miltakka.
Hmm, that scene isn't in the draft I have, but I found it on Google Books. (I have the physical book on my shelf, but I find it's quicker to do a text search with Google Books.) It describes Captain Miltakka as "amphiboid." Now, the Vanguard writers' bible, also by Dave Mack, describes Chelons as amphibious. Yes, they look like turtles and turtles are reptiles, but they are aliens, after all, so that resemblance can be deceptive. So I'd assume that Miltakka is supposed to be a Chelon.
Ah, okay. Yes, now I think of it, I do recall Chelons being described as amphibian elsewhere. And I suppose Miltakkka sounds like a Chelon name: Rinsit, Kekil, Simmerith, Jetanien, Miltakka...

Okay then, scrap the amphibians as a separate race. They're Chelons.

That leaves us with Chelons, Tatooed Enterprise Rigelians (possibly with silver skinned Rigelians included), Vulcan-looking Vulcanoids and Human-looking Vulcanoids (which may be the same race). And Kaylar, apparently.
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