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Re: Animated Series Blu-Ray Plans

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That could account for the belt FX in Beyond the Farthest Star, but many of the belt FX in The Ambergris Element look like they were done using a different technique. Maybe they needed a different technique in that episode (possibly airbrushed cells placed behind the character cels?), in order to have the "rippling" water wave distortion effects apply to all the elements in a frame.
Yes, as I said, it's clear they used different techniques for the belts in different scenes and episodes. Looking at the force field aura around Scotty in "The Ambergris Element," it looks like an outline airbrushed onto the cel.

By the way, how did they do the "rippling" water wave distortion effects? Was a refractive medium placed between the cels and the camera?
If I recall my vintage FX techniques, there's a thing called a ripple glass which is basically just a piece of irregular clear material that's placed in front of the camera lens and moved to create a distortion. You can achieve much the same effect by holding a drinking glass in front of your eye and rotating it; the irregularities in the glass will distort the light as it moves.
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