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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

I wonder if this is the slow build up to Ahsoka's fate?

While I believe she will survive and live on to see screen time in the live action sequel series I wonder if we are in for an entire season six (or longer) where Ahsoka is either a fugitive with only secret ties to Anakin or if she will be back in the fold, business as usual once this story is through.

Palpatine would have a serious need to rid Ahsoka from Anakin, she is taking away from the "fear of loss" paradigm program that he's had in the works so that after Padme's death in ROTS he can claim him for the dark side.

There is still a lot Ahsoka can do in the run of the show. Her relationship with Obi Wan hasn't been explored much. She doesn't even know about Padme and her forbidden marriage to Anakin yet either; which would make for some interesting story. I hope they aren't writing her out of the series just yet... aspects of this episode besides Ahsoka did suggest the same. The Jedi being slowly removed from military matters, etc.

Was it obviously Palpatine force-choking the prisoner?

And I am just assuming that The Clone Wars will continue. It may get dropped by The Cartoon Network and "get lost" on it's way to DisneyTV in legalese. We know that the 6th season has been written but there's no guarantee it will see the light of day. Some assurance from Lucasfilm/Disney would be ideal.

I hope not. While episode 7 will almost certainly be delayed for quality control I was kind of hoping we could look forward to The Clone Wars leading up to the sequel trilogy. Sorry but I don't find the release date in 2015 to be realistic in the slightest.
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