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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

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The big problem with the TCW was that it was forced into the show to give it an even more futuristic element than DS9/VOY while maintaining the ____ of the week story structure, so it never really had any direction ...
The only way I could ever imagine the TCW being a problem for the product staff, is if it were force upon them at the last minute. If it was a precondition from CBS right from the start, then it seem to me it should have been more mapped out and planned.

... with S4/S5 being "Birth of the Federation,"
If that really was the plan (I thought it was going to be the Romulan War), then it is a good thing there never was a season five. What could be more boring than the "Birth of the Federation?" The whole interstellar coalitionist thing in season four was bad enough.

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