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Re: "The Slaver Weapon"

Still distressed at season 5 of Enterprise not having the the Kzinti in it.

Kobi's KzintiEdit

Beside this article I also created some original work regarding the Kzinti. Most recently I made fourth place in the TrekArt Contest at TrekBBS with my entry The Slaver Weapon. I also came up with the following timeline about Kzinti in Star Trek the outline was first created in the late 1990s. I plan to change a few facts in the months to come using several of the above mentioned informations from various sources:

A Kzinti scout discovers Earth with its pouplation decimated and sick of war.
Kzinti invade the Sol System.
Kzinti invade the Sol System for a second time.
Third attempt to conquer the Sol System.
Fourth and last attempt to invade the Sol System, the Kzinti fleet is destroyed in the Battle of Ceres.
A fifth Kzinti fleet is destroyed by the Earth vessel Yamamoto.
2065-2085 will be known as the First Man-Kzin War.
2111-2124 will be known as the Second Man-Kzin War.
2144-2162 will be known as the Third Man-Kzin War.
2191-2198 will be known as the Fourth Man-Kzin War.
2223-2232 will be known as the Fifth Man-Kzin War.
Lots of probs with the timeline...I think we'd have to reduce it down to ONE or maybe TWO wars at max if they were ever used again.
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