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Re: David Foster reveals his plans for a new Star Trek series?

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While an animated series is still the most likely, I keep hoping for Netflix to do an original series in conjunction with CBS. Netflix is making a bigger push into original content lately (and their stock price is zooming, so they aren't hard up for funds.)

Star Trek is a good overlap with their early-adopter tech enthusiast streaming customer base (most likely a better fit than HBO or Showtime) and the famous brand name will give them positive PR for their overall original content development efforts.

As licensing rights have gotten pricier and harder to land, and the streaming business has grown more competitive, Netflix has focused on adding exclusive programming to entice viewers.
For House of Cards (debuting soon):

The show is no low-budget Web series, but an HBO-style production for which Netflix reportedly paid in the neighborhood of $100 million for two seasons.
Couldn't they do a Star Trek series for $100M, for two cable-length seasons (26 episodes total)?
Streaming shows and webisodes are the future, ratings for "proper" network and basic cable channels are lower than ever, falling every year. We may see a time shortly where such niche shows are the desired paradigm, tailored to a particular group of viewer's taste, and less concerned with ratings.

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