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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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^Where in SCE were Mike Friedman's silver-skinned Rigellians mentioned?
Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, I'm sure Folanir Pzial of Lovell was described as silver-skinned and red-eyed. I may be wrong here.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Where was that amphibian race mentioned in Destiny? I've searched my copies of the manuscript files (which I still have from when I needed them to write Greater Than the Sum), but there's nothing of the sort in the drafts I have. Although something could've been added in revisions.
One of the admirals talking with Seven in Mere Mortals (I think) is amphibious and Rigelian, but his appearance isn't described in any depth. Admiral Miltakka.

Christopher wrote: View Post
But if you're referring to the yellow-skinned, speckled "Broken Bow" aliens with no noses, I've identified them in A Choice of Futures with the Xarantine, a race mentioned but not seen in other ENT episodes.
Cool, it's great to get confirmation on what the Xarantine look like. Treat them well; they've got about 220 years...
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