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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

^Where in SCE were Mike Friedman's silver-skinned Rigellians mentioned?

And yes, the ENT Rigelians, the ones with the green-and-black facial markings, are reportedly from Rigel V, according to Memory Alpha.

The canonical Rigellians mentioned in "Journey to Babel" were only said to have blood chemistry similar to that of Vulcans; I've always found it a little odd that people jumped to the conclusion that they were actually Vulcanoid. But they're portrayed inconsistently. Catalyst of Sorrows (which established that they were native to Rigel IV and had a expatriate population on V) says they have a Vulcanoid internal anatomy but look indistinguishable from human (presumably on the assumption that Hengist from "Wolf in the Fold" was a native); but other books say they look just like Vulcans. Cold Equations recently mentioned that Safranski looked like a Vulcan, which I don't recall having previously been established.

As for the Kalar or Kaylar, an IDW comic has portrayed them as being from the same system as the ENT Rigelians. Star Charts claims they're from the "real" Rigel, Beta Orionis, presumably under the assumption that the encounter before "The Cage" was a first contact, but there's no actual evidence of that in the episode. Early Voyages says that Rigel VII was protectionist against alien contacts up until the 2250s, so it could be Beta Rigel VII. And that makes more sense to me, since they were heading to the Vega Colony for medical treatment and repairs after the incident. Vega is nearly 900 light-years from Beta Orionis, but only about 100 ly from Tau-3 Eridani, the star that this map site identifies as "Beta Rigel" (since it's the closest real star in position and type to the conjectual Beta Rigel in Star Charts).

Then again, there are other Federation worlds far closer to Tau-3 Eri than Vega is -- including Earth -- but that can't be helped.

Where was that amphibian race mentioned in Destiny? I've searched my copies of the manuscript files (which I still have from when I needed them to write Greater Than the Sum), but there's nothing of the sort in the drafts I have. Although something could've been added in revisions.

But if you're referring to the yellow-skinned, speckled "Broken Bow" aliens with no noses, I've identified them in A Choice of Futures with the Xarantine, a race mentioned but not seen in other ENT episodes.
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