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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


Another opening with Tom and B’Elanna…we may have a relationship devolving!! While they are arguing an alien visitor appears in front of them, while they are trying to figure out how that happened they realize that Kes disappeared as soon as the alien appeared. After that a multitude of people began disappearing and appearing.

B’Elanna figures out that the aliens are not accidently switching places with the crew, and she is attacked and sent to the planet where the rest of the crew is. There is another species through a portal there too. It looks like the aliens take over ships for their own purposes, and put them in a holographic worlds similar to theirs…basically they are put into a “nice” prison. They use the Doctor to scan the biosphere to find a way out, while doing so they find ways to get from one spot to another, and they outsmart the aliens and take control of their technology. They send them to the cold biosphere where they will freeze to death. Turns out that they are on a ship and there are at least four separate biospheres where other races are also being held. Janeway takes over and returns the other imprisoned groups to their own planets, and puts VOY back on their way…it is unclear what happens to the aliens. Janeway makes a threat that they will leave them on a planet to their liking if they do not cooperate, but it is unclear if that is what happens.

There is fun interplay between B’Elanna and Paris in this episode. They get in a fight, work through it, and were (in my opinion) close to kissing on the planet when they were arguing, but they were transported out of the cold biosphere before they could. At the end when they are back on VOY in the holodeck I kind of wish B’Elanna would have reached over and either held or squeezed Paris’ hand. I like the ongoing B Story with B’Elanna and Paris. I cannot wait for them to get together (and if they don’t, I am going to be pissed)!

I like this episode for a couple of reasons, 1. I like the continued arc with the B story. 2. This episode showed their heavy reliance on the Doctor and I like that. I think he is an integral part of their crew and they do not admit to that enough. 3. This episode showed how well they get along and work together as a crew. 4. This episode had a positive interaction with the other species being held captive. I think many of the interactions with aliens ends up being negative, and I like it that they helped another race out. Plus, I found it funny that the other fellow loved what appeared to be a carrot!

Least favorite part: Kes was the first to disappear, but when they begin showing the other planet Kes did not play a large role. I would like to have seen her do more.
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