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Re: TNG Caption This! 305: I, Caption

Thanks for the double win!

Deanna tries to suppress a giggle as she notices Worf making fun of Riker's rigid posture.

PICARD: Deanna, we need to talk. You need to stop saying 'I'm sensing anger' when the person is obviously angry.

PICARD: Why do you want to go back to the collective so bad?
THREE OF FIVE: Borg pair up biological mates by adding four!
PICARD: ...Get this man back to the collective immediately!

PICARD: You won't tell the crew you beat me ten times in a row, right?
GUINAN: We've been live broadcasting this to the entire ship.

GEORDI: Data, this report says nothing! It's just a bad 3d rendering that vaguely shows the shape of the anomaly.
DATA: Yes. You instructed me to 'dumb it down', when explaining complicated science to non-engineering types, such as...
GEORGE: *cough* Data, SHUT UP!
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