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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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You may project further, then the goal might be to survive galaxy collision with Andromeda.
That one's easy. So long as we figure out how to deal with this basket-egg thing they keep talking about, an achievable aftermath will be:

Thousands of human civilisations get toasted by cosmic rays.
Millions of human civilisations get ejected into intergalactic space to a slow demise in agony.
Millions of human civilisations have their planets snatched by Andromeda, and subsequently colonise it.
Millions of human civilisations have interstellar wars because of the star shuffling caused by the collision.
The remaining billions of human civilisations across the galaxy do not notice that a collision had happened, and do not give a damn about the rest.

Bloody, but survivable.

Now, if we don't figure the egg-basket thing out, the ruins of the one and only human civilisation will have no difficulty roaming intact for eternity away from any star or galaxy until proton decay or quantum tunnelling takes care of them. And we would have gone with significantly less suffering.
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