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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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Also, does the Rigel system as a whole count?
Was gonna mention exactly that. How many distinct species are attributed to the system nowadays, besides the canonical "A bit like Vulcans" and "Humans with bad teeth"? How many are explicitly native?
Native species? At least four, maybe five, maybe six. Although given the system's youth and possibly artificial nature, I wonder if any are truly native?

Whether the "Bad Teeth Rigelians" (Kaylar, I assume?) are native to the same Rigel as the others is up for debate. A Less Perfect Union suggested they were, at least, but other sources place them at "true" Rigel. Either one seems feasible.

Confirmed as originating at Beta Rigel, the heavily populated Federation system in range of NX-01, we have:

The Vulcanoid Rigelians of canon. They look like Humans, apparently, so Mr. Hengist was apparently of that race (neatly rolling his type of Rigelian and the Vulcanoid species into one). Safranski, too. They're either from IV or V but colonized the other anyway (I think Catalyst of Sorrows has them originating on IV and some migrated to V for political reasons). And they're established on II, I think. A character in Wildfire, and another elsewhere, is said to actually look Vulcan - whether this is another race or a variant of the first one, I don't know. Perhaps we can assume that these Rigellians are descendants of the Arretians, and are a blend of the two Arretian species, with some more Vulcanoid than others externally? The case of Spock seems to hint that Vulcanoid physiology is dominant over base Humanoid.

The yellow, tattooed Rigelians appearing in Enterprise. The Stargazer books and some of the SCE books feature a silver-skinned, red-eyed race of Rigelians, which I choose to picture as a racial variant of the yellow ones (rather than inventing yet another species). Their homeworld is V, I believe (with populations on other worlds, naturally, like II and IV, and with a large population of Vulcanoid Rigelians established on V in turn).

The Chelons, from Rigel III.

An amphibian race (possibly the speckled race seen on Rigel X in Broken Bow), mentioned in Destiny and other places. Maybe from VIII? Apparently less prominent than the Vulcanoids or Tatoo'n'braids races.
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