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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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Also, does the Rigel system as a whole count?
Was gonna mention exactly that. How many distinct species are attributed to the system nowadays, besides the canonical "A bit like Vulcans" and "Humans with bad teeth"? How many are explicitly native?
The Chelon reptilians seem to be native. The Vulcanoid Rigellians are also canon, in the person of Safranski, presumably another offshoot culture from Vulcan's sunering period, as are the Kaylar. The AU novella "A Less Perfect Union" seems to set a limit: "[T]he Earth government support[ed] the inhabitants of Rigel IV in dominating the Chelon and later they supported the Kaylar in actions against the other two dominant species after peace talks emerged between them as well as the two races getting aggressive over Earth dominating their politics."

Regarding the Trill, are the hosts native, or merely the first humanoid species to land on the planet and get enslaved by the symbionts...?
The Mangels/Martin novella set on Trill implies that the two species have a history going back to prehistory, depicting the first Trill joining to involve a Stone Age Trill humanoid. At the very least, if he was non-native he had no idea how he got there.
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