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Re: VOY Caption Contest 103; A Hard Time

Thanks for the win!

EMH: Mr. Kim... if you ever want to get promoted, I suggest you let the Captain win this one.

Chakotay: That's enough, Neelix. I know you missed the Federation in service on sexual harrassment when you came on board, so let me be blunt. THIS is considered a "no-no".

PARIS: Okay, I have Tuvok down for the plomeek soup, B'Elanna down for the Klingon Blood wine, Neelix down for the jibalian Fudge cake, Kes down for decorations, and Harry down for... what is it you're going to do again Harry for The Captain and Chakotay's welcome home party?
KIM: I'm going to screw up the pre-fire chamber temperature on the phasers again, so they have to retire to their quarters and 'brainstorm' how to fix it after the party.

JANEWAY: When I asked Neelix for a taste of home, I was thinking something more like "Sushi", not lizard.

BELTRAN: Of all the things the writers could have me working on... SAND ART was the best they could come up with? Does this look like a summer camp for middleschoolers?
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