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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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It amazes me when people are presented with opposing evidence to the current zeitgeist of future dystopia how they cling to their negativity...
Much the way it amazes many Christians how nonbeleivers cling to their atheism.

wouldnt you want to join in the hope and actually do something?
Are YOU doing something? I don't know much about your background, but I never got the impression you have an active career in an IT field.

why is is so difficult for thinking people (and he was not a dummy) to process this?
Because it comes to techno-utopian/singularity theory, there are basically two categories of responses:

1) People who get dazzled right away by the hype
2) People who respond with guarded skepticism and say "I'll believe it when I see it."

The second response covers the majority of people.

The first response covers people who DON'T actually think things through but are easily moved to positive feelings by the promise of better things ahead. Some of these people are quite old, and have had this experience many times; a few of them are also fairly jaded by that experience and swing in the opposite direction, responding instead with RABID skepticism in a desire to avoid the pain of disillusionment.

The second category (most people) are cautious adapters: they don't believe the hype, but they ARE willing to celebrate actual achievements and work to further them when it seems possible to do so. The first category, by contrast, covers the "true believers" who believe that ANY hint of progress is worth celebrating and honestly don't understand the skepticism of the second category. Ironically, they find the rabid super-skeptics -- who fall into the same category -- a lot easier to relate to.
Nonsense, it is usually the negative response that is the knee-jerk panic attack. It takes greater care and wisdom to think things through, see what we've done right and where the areas are we can improve and fix, and where the technologies lie that realistically can do these things. Other efforts are political or social, and although these rise also with evolution, it is the technological arena that moves most quickly and is therefore most important.

Yes, though I have no educational background with IT/software/etc, I'm using some of my background and interests to further some things in some small way that I feel will eventually lead to some of the things I believe will make a difference. In particular, I've been working with virtual environments, using my art background, though I have not devoted full time to this.

Also, I'm involved with 3-4 organizations that are involved with both political and also popularization of futurism and accelerated change meme. I've contributed money, and also helped try and get a Singulatarian onto the US ballot. Only one country in the world has a publically announced Singulatarian in it's gov't.

If I was younger I'd probably seek to go to the Singularity University, which I think is the most important one in the world for leaders, economists, technologists.

Skepticism is great, I have belonged to and paid dues to skeptical organizations, unfortunately the people who say we can't do things in the future are the ones who WON'T accomplish anything, and also are usually proven wrong in the has been happening the last few decades with accelerated change.

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