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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

Distant Origin

It is never a good sign when my husband shakes his head at the beginning of an episode and tells me I am going to hate this episode…he knows me well...

An alien race finds a human skull, and a professor from their race speaks to the government officials to try and convince them that they were not the first species in their area. The government does not like their heretics, and they the two professor types go out and find Voyager. When they find VOY they walk around observing and making analyses about them…the mating rituals of Paris and B’Elanna were humorous. However, the Professor was too egotistical and thought they could walk around cloaked and undetected, but the crew found them.

The professor got away, and Veer was captured. Veer took Chakotay with him. Turns out the aliens originated on Earth and were closely related to the dinosaurs. The particular dinosaur must have lived and evolved into a new highly evolved species.

Okay, problem with this episode: they are changing the creation story/evolutionary doctrine of Earth. By changing a core element of history and evolution, it should have effects throughout the entire Star Trek realm, including the other series, but it doesn’t and I am sure that it will not continue over throughout VOY either… It is hard to make such a strong and sweeping change in one episode and not examine it again. This is what I dislike most about VOY. It is episodic, and rarely contains any story arc. Some of the episodes that they are creating logically should have lasting effects, but they do not. Apparently, they need a Vulcan in the writing crew!

Also, if the dinosaur species was just evolving and finding language, etc., how did they make the great leap to having good enough technology to launch them into space?
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