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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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There was a lot of DATA there...It amazes me when people are presented with opposing evidence to the current zeitgeist of future dystopia how they cling to their negativity...wouldnt you want to join in the hope and contribute...
The thing is, the future dystopia is more or less already established as our ultimate fate. The heat death of the universe is coming for us, you can try uploading your brain to a computer but it won't help you. And it's not like we have a lot of options for going around it. There are only two that I can think of are on the top my head, and they are not that promising to begin with.

1. Breaking the second law of thermodynamics (or even better, the first one). Breaking laws of physics has to be somewhere in someone's famous last words, I'm sure...
2. The possibility that there's something akin to quantum immortality acting as natural selection's cousin on civilisations at the universal scale. I admin there is some comfort that our civilisation could be playing the role of the Schrödinger's cat, but I'm still doing all the arrangements for my funeral.

My personal consolation about the future is that the passage of time could turn out to be little more than a human perception that doesn't matter so much in the grand scheme of things. This would make it less relevant if our civilisation exists now, in the past or in the future.

As long as we achieve everything that we can, explore everything that we have the ability to explore, we should just be happy we had the opportunity to do it. I see no reason to complain, our present situation is amazing enough as it is, and it is only going to get better. Just not as much as we would like it, but come on, what we've been part of so far is just overwhelming and indescribable... Without imaginary breakthroughs in the future. Our potential demise won't negate what we have had the chance to experience.
Several thoughts on this: I have maintained since my teen age years that the ultimate goal of current humanity might be to survive the destruction of our sun. You may project further, then the goal might be to survive galaxy collision with Andromeda. Projecting even further...and although I do have some issues with the potential science, you might also say that human survival ultimately will mean we need to survive the end of the this case, we would need to find ways into other universes or time-space.

A good example of such staggering ideas can be found in Baxter's The Time Ships, where the goal of advanced AI/humanity is to survive into the multiverse.

This is all interesting of course, but I'm really more concerned about the next 50 years right now.


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