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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

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I was kinda hoping Kenzi would keep the magic stick, to put her on a slightly more level playing field as everyone else.
As a character, Kenzi works fine as a regular human. But from an in-universe practical sense, I think they need to do something to give her a little more protection. One thing that really bugged me, especially in the early episodes, was when someone would come to Bo & Kenzi asking for protection from something. Bo would then go off and investigate the Dark-Fae-of-the-week (either on her own or with Dyson), leaving their vulnerable client alone in their house with only Kenzi as protection. I kept thinking they needed to at least put some kind of protection spell on the house. Otherwise, it's only a matter of time before some royally pissed off Fae breaks into the house and rips Kenzi apart just to send Bo a message.
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