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...wouldnt you want to join in the hope and contribute...
Not everyone bases their conclusions on what they "want" and "hope." Some folks are interested in what's actually happening.
When conditions exist that enable positivity in direct response for the predilection in human society towards negativity I feel it important to point them out. I feel there is equal potential for positivity (not utopia) as there is for dystopia...only the human mind feels the need for negativity. For most of the many horrible things that happen through human history you can find other equal, positive things (examples might include war, disease, poverty, etc..I can easily counter dystopians like Orson Scott Card on such issues)

Again, we live in a time where the climate of change has enabled us to be able to more easily predict and model the near future, you cannot simply be concerned with the present, because what we're doing effects the future and far more quickly than ever. Identifying problems and fixing them, or creating a way to bypass them is a direct result of being aware of the future. Being aware of technological change creates a "self fulfilling prophecy" of sorts, directing efforts to where they are needed. I have given many examples of this in the last few years on this board.

"Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities".
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