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Re: Had in an interesting experience last week...

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I was posting on facebook, with some well known/famous people in scifi as well as interested parties, family and friends of those into a discussion of old fashioned vs new, which turned into physical vs ebook, and physical people vs AI/mind which one person in particular seemed determined to be negative...everything new was bad...I made a move to personal messages so as to not disrupt the original poster's thread and at first he was open, I tried giving him at least possibilities as to why the Earth was not doomed, how we might progress and salvage some of or worst mistakes...he started off by insisting no one had every changed his mind on such things and gave me permission to post some links...which I described in detail and summarized as well as posted my opinion on them...apparently he couldnt take it .. There was a lot of DATA there...It amazes me when people are presented with opposing evidence to the current zeitgeist of future dystopia how they cling to their negativity...wouldnt you want to join in the hope and actually do something? I understand the biological drives toward negativity and exposure to media memes that harm us in the information age...where we absorb the most brain stimulating and visceral items, but why is is so difficult for thinking people (and he was not a dummy) to process this?

Does the future not include paragraphs or the use of full-stops?
My apologies, I was condensing down a potentially much longer rant/post and in a hurry. Normally I try to use paragraphs and periods for legibility, even though texting, BBS posting, Facebook, and Twitter have taken me somewhat out of that habit.

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