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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Season 5

5x1-Enemies: We start with SG-1 stranded on the far side of the galaxy with Apophis ship. Apophis fires on a third ship instead and SG-1 with Jacob use that distraction to hide in the sun's corona. When they remerge they detect no life on Apophis ship. When they ring over they discover the robot spiders(blanking on their name) that the Ancients fear so much. However, that's not the real shocker. It's that Apophis is there and has somehow brainwashed Teal'c(who was believed dead[yeah right] when he was shot in the back) into now thinks once agin he his First Prime. The irony is that the spider robots use their advances to speed up the ship in order to get back home. The best part is that Apophis seems once again to be dead. So when did the South Park Kenny jokes start for this guy? Overall a solid season opener with the Teal'c twist a nice surprise.

5x2-Threshold: Bra'teck is brought in to help deprogram Teal'c from the brainwashing. Master Bra'teck has a unique method to go about this, remove his symbiote and induce a type of fevered hallucination. This forces him to relive the key moments in his life so this ep is like a mini clip show but not nearly as bad. It was a fair episode though.

5x3-Ascension: As a fan of the Young Indy Chronicles it was nice to see Sean Patrick Flannery with a key role. Also, the alum from ST:TNG continues as John DeLancie shows up as a mysterious Colonel taking orders from unseen places. SPF is an alien who as ascended beyond the physical plane but he reveals he's an exile of his kind for using his powers to interfere with other less evolved races. He's fallen in love with Carter and retakes physical form thus giving up his powers. I'd like to think his character might come back, maybe even his race. The Ancients are clearly not the only powerful aliens out there but this races "Prime Directive" makes it less likely they'll help vs the Gou'ald and other threats. I liked the casting here more than the actual story so I grade it on a curve as above average.

5x4-The Fifth Man: I really liked this episode. This race has a type of chameleon affect and they use a chemical residue to implant a suggestion on you if necessary to sell an illusion. He's escaping a Gou'ald prison research center where they are seeking to learn the secret of this chameleon technique. He comes across SG-1 and convinces them he's a member of the team. Half the team makes it back but tell Hammond that O'Neill and Tyler are stranded. Hammond and the rest of the SGC lock the team into quarantine cause no one can confirm a Lt. Tyler. DeLancie's dreaded Colonel Simons reappears once again trying to build a case against the SGC. Tyler, our alien, comes to appreciate the noble and admirable qualities of SG-1 and he respects them. I'd like to think that this alien or race will show up again later. Even if they are a passive race with no means to fight perhaps they can assist the SGC in some other manner.
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