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Re: TOS Caption Contest #269 The Doomsday Caption

^ Ha ha, good one, ssosmcin!

And kudos to you Leadhead! Hope Mant! can come back soon, though the contest is in good hands til then!

Kirk: Planetary readings, Spock?
Spock: It looks like everything else in the galaxy, Captain: a friggin' blue lightbulb.

Kirk to Enterprise, commencing fanny photocopy now. Be prepared to broadcast on all subspace channels. That is all.

Spock: The signal is now interfering with ship's operations. I'm shutting it off.
Sulu: But Beiber's not done singing yet!

Scotty: I'm only going to show you this once more, Captain. The red light means the lavatory is occupied. The green light means you can go in. See that? Red means Occupado! Occupado!

Kirk: Do what now?

Scotty: Bloody hell! Someone's in here! Occupado! Occupado!

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